About Us

  • Import EV Motorcycles
  • Battery Swapping Solutions
  • Assemble EV Motorcycle at our own Plant
  • EV Motorcycle Repair and Maintenance

Payak Motor Co., Ltd.

The company’s vision is to be a leader in importing, assemble and distribute electric motorcycles and be an innovator in the field of fully integrated electric motorcycles


The company focuses on bringing specialized knowledge and modern innovations to use from designing, procuring and developing products that can meet market demands. This Includes after-sales service to make the business of the company grow steadily based on the trust of customers. Currently, the company is committed on improving product development integrated electric motorcycles innovation continually to meet the demand for electric motorcycles with a continuous increase and strive to develop quality service according to customer requirements and standards. There is continuous development in every step of the operation since the design sales and development of products that can meet the needs of the market. Including after-sales care by focusing on business operations along with social responsibility and treat stakeholders fairly and equally for the goal of creating sustainable wealth based on the trust of all sectors